Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I watch you as you flitter by 
Sunlight on your wing
Rays of warmth that rest upon
The wonder that you bring

Caress my eyes with splendor
Find a silken perch
The undulating summer breeze
Now leads you in your search

Sweet blossoms, they all summon you 
Why would you resist
When they have what you need within
Just waiting for your kiss

You choose the most ambrosial bloom
Your velvet wings alight
Sweet nectar now you gently sip
Then rise to your next flight

My soul sees your serenity
Your freedom and your grace
You try to teach me patiently 
That life is not a race

Now wrapped within a chrysalis
At first I do not see
When I can't move, I figure out
That stillness is the key

The time is right, I now break free
To find I’m not the same
I spread my wings and fly away
And now know why you came

The lesson that you have for me 
As you come flutter by...
Without a metamorphosis
There is no butterfly